In a nation where less than 1% of the population professes faith in Christ, what kind of ministry effectively wins souls for the Lord? Incredibly, 20% of believers in Japan first put their trust in Jesus at a camp. For 60 years, Okutama Bible Chalet (OBC) has evangelized nearly 6,000 people each year through English camps and summer programs. This one-acre property offers a haven for young believers to grow in their faith. Additionally, it allows churches to hold conferences and spiritual retreats.

However, due to increased attendance coupled with limited capacity, OBC is in desperate need of improvements to the current facilities. In 2012, Phase 1 was completed with expanded sleeping quarters. In Phase 2, we hope to build a new dining hall, kitchen, and other facilities that are needed for more effective service.

With your generous contributions, thousands of Japanese will hear the clear message of the gospel as they escape from the bustling city of Tokyo into God’s beautiful creation.